Acer launches two laptops with AMD’s 2nd Gen Ryzen Mobile processors

Acer announced two laptops that use Advanced Micro Devices second-generation Ryzen Mobile processors with Radeon Vega graphics.
by Anonymous on VentureBeat
41 minutes ago

Here’s Why All Your Projects Are Always Late — and What to Do About It (Ep. 323 Rebroadcast)

Whether it’s a giant infrastructure plan or a humble kitchen renovation, it’ll inevitably take way too long and cost way too much. That’s because you suffer from “the planning fallacy.” (You also have...
by Anonymous on Freakonomics
1 hour ago

Bandai Namco partners with Iskn for a family-friendly entertainment device

The unnamed device will be unveiled later this summer in a press event. It'll focus on creativity and immersion for the whole family.
by Anonymous on VentureBeat
4 hours ago

Animoca Brands raises $2.5 million for The Sandbox blockchain gaming platform

Animoca Brands has raised $2.5 million in funding for The Sandbox blockchain gaming platform. Animoca's Pixowl division is remaking The Sandbox as a b...

Publisher THQ Nordic acquires Gothic and Risen studio Piranha Bytes

THQ Nordic purchased the studio at an undisclosed price. It'll continue to operate independently, making RPGs based on both old and new IPs.

Samsung’s AI animates paintings and photos without 3D modeling

Researchers from Samsung's AI Center in Moscow made a model that animates talking heads with few-shot learning and other methods.

Facial recognition moratorium receives bipartisan support in Congress

A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the U.S. Congress plan legislation to address facial recognition software use by government.

PUBG Mobile is doing a Godzilla: King of the Monsters crossover event

PUBG Mobile's next Hollywood crossover will see the battle royale get in bed (a very, very big bed) with Godzilla.

Amazon shareholders decline to halt sale of facial recognition systems to governments

Amazon shareholders rejected proposals to halt sale of its Rekognition facial recognition software to governments in a vote today.

Apple wants Safari’s new privacy-first ad tracking to become a standard

Apple's latest Safari feature enhances a user's privacy by denying advertisers the ability to track their clicks across multiple websites.

SuperData: Mortal Kombat 11 and Fortnite help digital game sales hit $8.8 billion in April

NetherRealm's latest fighter continues to break new records. While console spending is up overall, PC is down 4% despite the success of free-to-play g...

Starsky Robotics video puts you in the cab of a self-driving truck

A video from startup Starsky Robotics shows the inside of a driverless truck as it cruises down a highway near Tampa, Florida.

Huawei is just the latest in a long line of setbacks for Google’s Android

The Huawei trade ban will have serious ramifications for Google and comes amid growing resistance to Android around the world.

Audi A8 L review — Fully loaded with luxury tech

The Audi A8 L Quattro is loaded with tech gear, and while that isn't cheap, it helps make the car a lot more luxurious.

PUBG Mobile helps Tencent’s revenues soar outside of China

Tencent's mobile games revenues outside of China have more than doubled since from the first quarter of 2018 to the same period in 2019.

Huawei’s U.S. losses could lead to gains in China, at Apple’s expense

It looks bad for Huawei in the U.S. right now, but its fortunes in China might improve as it focuses on selling 5G phones, something Apple can't do.

OECD releases AI recommendations for 36 nation-states

OECD member nations today voted to adopt artificial intelligence principles and recommendations for governments around the world.

MIT CSAIL’s AI system lets wearers control robots with their biceps

Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) describe a system that lets wearers control robots with arm muscl...

VoiceSell raises $4 million for instant voice control for mobile ecommerce

VoiceSell has raised $4 million in funding to bring voice-based shopping control to existing online stores.

Siemens and Chronicle will monitor cyber threats for energy industry

Siemens and Alphabet company Chronicle announced a partnership to protect the energy industry's critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

Beyond wealth: What happens AFTER you achieve financial independence?

In their classic Your Money or Your Life, Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin argue that the relationship between spending and happiness is non-linear. More...

As the trade war heats up, China looks to Japan’s past for lessons

Japan’s problems stemmed more from its own miscues than from American pressure

The global battle over high drug prices

Western countries, as well as poor ones, are demanding transparency in the cost of drugs

The management wisdom of Bill Campbell

The best managers need to be coaches

Holding out on Huawei

American suppliers have stopped selling components to the Chinese hardware company, at least for now

Beneath the dull surface, Europe’s stockmarket is a place of extremes

The gap between value and quality stocks has widened into a chasm

The biggest collapse in private-equity history will have a lasting impact

As Abraaj funds get new managers, investors are feeling the fallout

Economists are rethinking fiscal policy

But not as radically as is sometimes claimed

Sanctions create business risks—and opportunities

Nowhere more so than in the energy trade

Do corporate spin-offs create shareholder value?

Breaking up is hard to do profitably

Uber’s listing and a new stock exchange may herald change

Valley bigwigs think they have found the secret of long-term thinking

Sleepless in Silicon Valley

Why the techie obsession with sleep technology makes perfect sense

How China forged self-made female billionaires

Socialist egalitarianism isn’t the whole story

Instant buyers are changing the way people buy and sell their homes

Zillow’s i-buying business is doing well

Generational change atop chaebol does not equal renewal

A messy succession at the parent company of Korean Air shows why

Canada’s statisticians survey potheads

More over-45s are getting high, but teenagers are keeping off the grass

Outsourcing my life: Why I pay others to do tasks I could do myself

When people talk about saving money, DIY is one of the first things that comes to mind. Learn how to fix things around the house! Change the oil in yo...

23andMe (and You, and Everyone Else) (Ep.378)

The revolution in home DNA testing is giving consumers important, possibly life-changing information. It’s also building a gigantic database that coul...

Uber is trying to disrupt the road-freight business

But trucking will be tougher to crack than ride-hailing

The IMF has agreed to break Pakistan’s fall. Again

Pakistan has borrowed from the multilateral lender as often as Argentina has

The joy of absence

How some companies fight the curse of presenteeism

Donald Trump gets tough on Huawei

Two decisions could ensnare other Chinese technology firms

Amazon’s boss reckons that humanity needs an HQ2

Jeff Bezos joins the ranks of sci-fi enthusiasts convinced that nirvana is to be found off-world

China vows a “fight to the end” in trade feud with America

A war of words could escalate into something more serious

The psychology of passive barriers

A surprising thing happens to people in their forties. After working hard, buying a house, and starting a family, they suddenly realize that they'd be...

Book Review: I Will Teach You to Be Rich (2019 Edition)

When I started Get Rich Slowly in 2006, I had no idea other money blogs existed. I'd been blogging about cats, computers, and comic books since 1997 —...

The pink tax: The hidden cost of being female

Women working to achieve financial independence face an extra hurdle: the hidden cost of being female. Though it’s cheekily referred to as the “pink t...

Movie-Prop Cash Is Fooling Cashiers

The strange psychology of why so many people fail to notice obviously counterfeit money

Mobile money comes to Nigeria

Africa’s largest country has lagged behind the continent’s pioneers

Months after IL&FS collapsed, India’s markets are on a strong run

Foreign investors seem convinced that the new bankruptcy code is starting to have an effect

How real-estate barons have ridden the tech boom

Digitisation has created unlikely winners: real-estate barons

New research traces the intricate links between policy and politics

Benefit recipients in Brazil who are penalised punish politicians at the polls

The EU tries to strong-arm Switzerland into a new trade deal

A worsening relationship with its giant neighbour would harm Switzerland’s finance industry

Occidental Petroleum has bid $57bn for Anadarko

The counteroffer to Chevron’s offer ups the ante in the energy industry’s biggest bidding war in years

American pay-television is in decline

This will have far-reaching consequences for the industry

Intel’s new boss wants to teach the chipmaker new tricks

When fear of missing out meets financial ruthlessness

Brewers at AB InBev need to rethink its strategy

As drinkers cool on beer, the world’s mightiest beermaker can no longer rely on takeovers to boost growth

A Sukhoi accident casts doubt on Russia’s civil-aviation plans

The planemaker was already finding it hard to break into the regional-jet market, increasingly dominated by Boeing and Airbus

The state of America’s community banks

Don’t write off the admirable bantamweights of the industry

When you have options, volatility is your friend

The jumpier prices are, the more valuable is a right to buy or sell

Lyft’s revenues double, losses quintuple—and prospects darken

The same is likely to be true of Uber when it lists. Only more so

So far, Donald Trump’s trade war has not derailed the global economy

An escalation would inflict much greater damage

America raises tariffs on China, and the stakes in a trade war

Last week a deal seemed close. Now the fear is of full-blown commercial conflict

How to budget: A pain-free guide to building a budget that works

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” — John C. Maxwell I've had more one-on-one money coaching meetings du...

The $1.5 Trillion Question: How to Fix Student-Loan Debt? (Ep. 377)

As the cost of college skyrocketed, it created a debt burden that’s putting a drag on the economy. One possible solution: shifting the risk of debt aw...

America ratchets up the pressure in its trade war with China

China’s measured strategy could soon be put to the test

Why companies are so bad at hiring

For one thing, they recruit too many employees from outside their ranks

Riding alone in a car is a luxury—an increasingly unaffordable one

Whether you drive yourself or hail a ride, solitary splendour will become more expensive

Food waste and food consumption in the United States

I've been thinking a lot lately about how much food I consume (and waste). I'm not happy with how I shop and eat, and it's not just because I'm fat ri...

An introduction to square-foot gardening

I grew up in the country. My family always had a vegetable garden. For us, gardening meant a large plot, plowed and raked, then planted with long, wid...

The Data-Driven Guide to Sane Parenting (Ep. 376)

Humans have been having kids forever, so why are modern parents so bewildered? The economist Emily Oster marshals the evidence on the most contentious...

Struggling with money anxiety and finding balance

On Saturday evening, I had a chance to chat with my friends Wally and Jodie. You might remember them from a reader case study from last August. They'r...

The Invisible Paw (Ep. 329 Rebroadcast)

Humans, it has long been thought, are the only animal to engage in economic activity. But what if we've had it exactly backward? The post The Invisibl...

Why financial literacy fails (and what to do about it)

April is Financial Literacy Month in the United States. This is a pure and noble thing. I think it's great that there's one month each year devoted to...

Is There Any Way James Holzhauer Could Lose at Jeopardy?

An assessment of the record-breaking contestant’s typical path to victory—and where his weaknesses might lie

Keeping up with the Joneses

It's always fun when disparate worlds of geekdom collide. Today, for instance, I learned that the term “keeping up with the Joneses” — a popular phras...

Jeopardy Wasn’t Designed for a Contestant Like James Holzhauer

“James’s performance, I’m sure, is causing grief for an accountant somewhere.”

The Most Interesting Fruit in the World (Ep. 375)

The banana used to be a luxury good. Now it’s the most popular fruit in the U.S. and elsewhere. But the production efficiencies that made it so cheap ...

Stock Picks From Space

Investors are using real-time satellite images to predict retailers’ sales. Is that cheating?

This blog is now a teenager: Thirteen years of Get Rich Slowly

Thie middle of April is a Big Deal in my world. The trees have nearly finished blossoming, which means my allergies will soon go away. We're seeing mo...

Watch Your Wallet

Why pickpockets love our digitally distracted age

How Spotify Saved the Music Industry (But Not Necessarily Musicians) (Ep. 374)

Daniel Ek, a 23-year-old Swede who grew up on pirated music, made the record labels an offer they couldn’t refuse: a legal platform to stream all the ...

Welcome to fifty: My first health scare as a middle-aged man

Three weeks ago today, I had a major health scare. Because it was Monday, I was at the family box factory. I had just finished running payroll and had...

By the numbers: My spending for March 2019

March was a mixed month in my financial world. I ended March with a slightly higher net worth (up 0.6%) but my spending was the highest it's been this...

Why Rent Control Doesn’t Work (Ep. 373)

As cities become ever-more expensive, politicians and housing advocates keep calling for rent control. Economists think that’s a terrible idea. They s...

Lifestyles of the Rich and Foolish

It's the first of April. You know what that means. Spring is here! Your friends and family are pulling April Fools' Day pranks. And my tree allergies ...

How to cancel a credit card (without killing your credit score)

I have a credit card I'd like to cancel, but I don't know if I should. I'm afraid it'll hurt my credit score. Today I'm going to walk you through in r...

Freakonomics Radio Live: “Would You Eat a Piece of Chocolate Shaped Like Dog Poop?” (Ep. 372)

What your disgust level says about your politics, how Napoleon influenced opera, why New York City’s subways may finally run on time, and more. Five c...

How I learned to stop worrying and love DIY

“Oh good,” Kim said when I rolled out of bed yesterday morning. “I’m glad you’re up.” She gets up at 5:30 for work most days, but I tend to sleep in. ...

My life philosophy: 50 lessons from 50 years

Happy birthday to me! Today, I turn fifty. Holy cats, that's old! To celebrate, over the weekend I replaced the tape deck in my 1993 Toyota pickup so ...

Why You Shouldn’t Open a Restaurant (Ep. 347 Update)

Kenji López-Alt became a rock star of the food world by bringing science into the kitchen in a way that everyday cooks can appreciate. Then he dared t...

The pros and cons of becoming a rideshare driver

With so many possible side hustles available in today's gig economy, how do you decide which to choose? Today, I want to make the case that driving wi...

Small leaks sink great ships: How little habits can have large consequences

If you've spent any amount of time reading money blogs over the past fifteen years, you've heard of the latte factor. In fact, you're probably sick of...

Trump Once Proposed Building a Castle on Madison Avenue

A brief history of the president's unfulfilled architectural dreams

How the Bizarre Economics of Airplanes Raises the Stakes of the Boeing Fallout

Strange things can happen when a business is based on millions of people flying around in $100 million metal boxes that can take a year to build.

A Free-Trade Democrat in the Trump White House (Ep. 371)

For years, Gary Cohn thought he’d be the next C.E.O. of Goldman Sachs. Instead, he became the “adult in the room” in a chaotic administration. Cohn ta...

Why Urban Millennials Love Uniqlo

Will the rest of America learn to love it too?

Why Americans Don’t Cheat on Their Taxes

The weirdly hopeful story of how the U.S. came to be a leader in tax compliance

Season 8, Episode 27

Great athletes aren’t just great at the physical stuff. They’ve also learned how to handle pressure, overcome fear, and stay focused. Here’s the good ...

How to Fail Like a Pro (Ep. 370)

The road to success is paved with failure, so you might as well learn to do it right. (Ep. 5 of the “How to Be Creative” series.) The post How to Fail...

Another Kidney-Donation Story to Make You Smile

A few years ago, we made a podcast episode with Al Roth, the Stanford economist whose work on market design and matchmaking won him a Nobel Prize. His...

A Good Idea Is Not Good Enough (Ep. 369)

Whether you’re building a business or a cathedral, execution is everything. We ask artists, scientists, and inventors how they turned ideas into reali...