Pet Owner Leaves A Camera On To See What Her Dog 

Dog may be man's best friend, but video evidence confirms that *this dog* is *this cat's* best friend.
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1 day ago

My Whole Life Is In A Spreadsheet Now And I Love It

In 2018 I attempted to quantify my life — crushes, emotions, songs stuck in my head — and it actually kind of worked. It can work for you, too.
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1 day ago

Driving The Last Brand-New Mitsubishi Evo To Its Grave

Mitsubishi was forced to send this preproduction 2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition to the crusher. We gave it one last ride.
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The Silence of Women

Women who spoke too angrily or too publicly were punished in cruel and unusual ways.

Ice Loss From Antarctica Has Sextupled Since The 1970s, New Research Finds

An alarming study shows massive East Antarctic ice sheet already is a significant contributor to sea-level rise.

What It’s Like to Be A Woman On the Internet

My Twitter adventure this week wasn't a garbage fire. It was a burning garbage truck that crashed into a gas station — then volunteers put out the fir...

What Does Winning Rookie of the Year Really Mean?

It might not be a poisoned chalice, but winning the award comes with baggage.

Apple Reportedly Replaced 10 Times As Many Batteries As Expected In 2018

11 million customers that didn't need to buy a new iPhone.

As Tech Invades Cycling, Are Bike Activists Selling Out?

As companies like Uber, Lyft, Lime, Bird and Spin bring the ways of tech to bikes and scooters, they have recruited former cycling, street safety and ...

Get In Shape Rocky Balboa Style With These Weighted Jump Ropes

You can burn anywhere from 200-300 calories in just 15 minutes jumping rope, making it not only one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises aro...

What Do You Meme? Is An Adult Party Game For The Internet-Addicted

This hilarious game will surely be a hit at your next dinner party. Unless you invite oldies. Then maybe just play cards.

The Strong Shirt Has Clark Kent Looks And Superman Strength

This technical shirt's designed to be extra abrasion and tear resistant (sorry, Hulk Hogan) but with a streamlined style that hides its superpowers.

The 73-Year-Old Fighting To Revive The Martial Art You've Never Heard Of

You probably haven't heard of Cambodia's bokator, which lacks the profile of Korea’s taekwondo or Thailand's muay thai. San Kim Sean wants to change t...

The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Data Center’ is a Supercomputer Housed in a 19th Century Church

The MareNostrum 4 is only the world's 25th most powerful supercomputer, but it definitely has the most style.

This Science Fiction Novelist Created A Feminist Language From Scratch

It was a pioneering feminist experiment, sold as a paperback original with a big green alien on the cover.